Humans are the problem and at the same time the solution to save our oceans

Our current lifestyle has a real impact on the oceans, and especially the millions of tons of fishing nets and plastic that are dumped into it each year.

The good news? We still have time to reverse this situation, but we must act now, by supporting sustainable production and consumption and helping the regeneration of the ecosystem.

We want to be part of the solution

Sustainability starts with thoughtfully designed products

We want to support a more responsible production and consumption by creating long-lasting and versatile garments.

Our garments offer high quality, timeless designs, and are carefully designed to be comfortable and versatile. Do more with less!

Likewise, each collection is made up of limited products and units, thus avoiding overproduction.

From ocean waste to activewear

Our garments are made with ECONYL®, a sustainable nylon that is made from fishing nets abandoned at sea and other plastics. All these plastics are collected and transformed into a new thread that has the same characteristics as traditional nylon. Using this thread we prevent the consumption of natural resources, and we fight against the fishing nets abandoned at sea (ghost nets) that represent 46% of marine litter and which take more than 600 years to decompose.

In addition to being a solution for our oceans, this nylon is also best when it comes to climate change, since it reduces its impact by 90% when compared to traditional nylon.

Also, this nylon can be infinitely recycled, which means that we can create new products from these without having to use new resources, thus promoting the circular economy.

In addition, the fabric is certified by GRS certificate (Global Recycle Standard) and OEKO-Tex Standard 100.

Think global, act local

We are proud to work with local suppliers, thus reducing CO2 emissions, while supporting fair wages and working conditions for their workers.

Our garments are designed with love in Barcelona by women like you and ethically crafted in Portugal.

1% for the Mediterranean

We all enjoy our Mediterranean, and we believe that it is our responsibility to also take care of it and protect it.

That is why, at Mediterranea, we want to go the extra mile, and we donate 1% of every sale to Save the Med, an NGO that helps protect and regenerate the Mediterranean Sea, our home and that of more than 17,000 species.

No to single-use plastic, yes to social insertion

At Mediterranea, we are always thinking about how we can reduce the amount of plastic and packaging when we send a piece of Mediterranea to your homes. To avoid plastics in our packaging, we have opted for a recycled and reusable packaging.

In addition, our bags are made from organic cotton (GOTS certified), in Spain, and most importantly, by women at risk of social exclusion .